• Make Her Roar: Best Ways to Turn a Girl On

    Are you one of those guys who find it extremely difficult to arouse a girl? That’s probably the reason why you’re even here– you’re in search of ways to turn on a girl and make her crave for you. You have come to the right place. Here, we’ll talk about what turns a girl on […]

  • Let the Juices Overflow: The Truth Behind Squirting

    Can a pussy transform into a “water gun” because of a full-force orgasm? Or it’s nothing, but a porn myth? If you’re wondering about the same thing, you have come to the right place! Today, we’re going to discuss about one of the most controversial sex issues and answer the question, is squirting real or […]

  • Be the Best in Bed with These Kinky Sex Tips

    Do you want to experience a mind blowing sex? Something that will make your lover think you’re a sex god? If you’re thinking that the only solution for this is by watching porn (in order to get tips), you have more to know! To help you with that, here are some of the best ways […]

  • 3 Musts When Going Down on a Girl

    You’re probably thinking that you already have the gift of the tongue. Well, guess again and get your notepad ready as we give you some of the best ways on how to eat pussy like a pro! Presenting, the 3 musts when going down on a girl: 1) If It’s a Dessert, Turn It into […]

  • Don’t Turn Her Off! Cunnilingus Mistakes to Avoid

    Perhaps you’re thinking that you already know everything that you need to know in the art of oral sex, right? Even so, we’re still going to tell you some of the most common mistakes that men should really avoid when he’s eating his woman out. You don’t want to turn her off, in the middle […]

  • Tips to Give a Woman an Orgasm

    So, you have a girlfriend and you want to sexually please her any way you can. Though, are you aware that she’s capable of experiencing different orgasms? And, if you’re lucky enough, you can even give her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t even know what an orgasm feels like and some even […]

  • Anal Sex Best Practices: The Secret to a Shrieking Orgasm

    Although anal sex is not the first thing to come to mind when talking pleasures, it can be an incredibly hot experience. Men like it because the hole is tighter than normal vaginal sex. However, you need to be warned. Anal sex isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have any desire for it, don’t try […]

  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Masturbating A Girl

    Knowing how to masturbate a girl is an important skill for a sex stud. Sex is more than just kissing, touching, and penetrating a woman. Going down on a girl and licking her pussy is one of the fastest ways of making her squirt with pleasure. In fact, most women find it easier to get […]

  • Do You Have What It Takes to Bring a Girl to Orgasm?

    Male orgasms are a given, and failure to have one is considered an anomaly. The female version of this earth shattering moment is notoriously difficult to achieve. In fact, many women think it does not exist, or blame the problem on their bodies. That’s why the fake female orgasm is legend. Lots of men give […]

  • Oral Sex
    Revealed: Lick Pussy Like A Sex God

      Most men can fuck, but eating pussy is the mark of a real sex god. Women absolutely love oral sex for its immense pleasure, and guaranteed orgasms. You can bang a pussy for hours and make her sore, without giving her a single orgasm. Eat pussy properly and voila! She will tremble with orgasms […]

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