Make Her Roar: Best Ways to Turn a Girl On

Are you one of those guys who find it extremely difficult to arouse a girl? That’s probably the reason why you’re even here– you’re in search of ways to turn on a girl and make her crave for you.

You have come to the right place.

Here, we’ll talk about what turns a girl on to the point that her pussy will start to get soaked and she’ll be dry humping you like a female dog in heat.

Believe it or not, these techniques on how to turn a girl on are proven to be really effective. After reading this post, you’ll have the power of making any woman you like, instantly horny! Read on to find out!

How to Turn a Girl on 101

Truth be told, in order to turn a girl on, you must know how to seduce her with words. Then, you can move to the physical where the fun can start.

Your Words Are Music to Her Ears: “Tease Before You Please”

No doubt, women love to talk and the art of conversation could even be a deal clincher when it comes to making her horny and taking things to a higher level.

Perhaps, you have already sent some erotic emails and flirty text messages (sexting). This could help you, but nothing beats actual conversations. Don’t be afraid, talk about making love to her and be as detailed as possible. Before you know it, she’ll start craving for your cock.

Even the most prude and proper woman can be sexually stimulated by words. So, how to turn a girl on with words? The answer to that is quite simple. Talk dirty to her and see how she reacts. For instance, be a man and out of the blue, tell her, “I want to fuck you right now, here at the park…” Use your sexiest voice for this and make it sound like you want to bang her right at this moment.

Though, this also means that you should know the right things to say, at the right time. No, you don’t have to be James Bond or Christian Grey, but at least, try to have your own touch of style and class.

When things start to get hot, this will be the perfect time to share your fantasies with her and see if the two of you have a sexual chemistry.

Here are some the questions and things to say to turn a girl on:
– “Have you ever made out with a guy just because you’re hot and horny?” – This will help you determine if your girl is the type of chick who can be coaxed into having sex once her pussy starts to drip.

– “Do you have any secret moves to turn a guy on?” – This question will make her visualize about her sexual fantasies, and who knows, she might go into details to prove to you that she’s also good in bed.

– “What should a guy do to make your pussy wet?” – Be direct and talk about the sweet spot. Once she answers this question, do whatever makes her horny.

Be Alone with Her

If you really want to bring the sexual tension into the next level, it’s important to ensure that you’re alone and there aren’t any distractions around. That’s why it’s always advisable to invite her to your place or somewhere else private. You don’t want her friends distracting her as you try to make some moves that can make her horny.

Other Things That Turn Girls on

Now that we’ve covered the verbal side of seduction, it’s now time to move on to the physical side of things:

1. Give her a sexual hug
Women love strong guys and take advantage of this. Put your hands around her tiny waist and pull her into you– make sure your pelvis is touching. This can be very sexual and if you’ll look deeply into her eyes, you might even trigger her to kiss you.

2. Playfully Nibble Her Ears
The ears are very sensitive and a gentle nibble could make a pussy pulsate if done properly.

3. Lick Her Neck
No. We’re not talking about how your dog playfully licks you. What we mean is, gentle nibble-n-lick type of move. This can be very sexy and highly arousing.

4. Naughty Massage
Get some body-heating oil and give your woman a sensual massage. However, try to resist the urge of touching her naughty bits. Tease her and make her lust for that.

5. Touch Her Stomach or Waist
If a girl allows you to touch her waist for more than a minute, then it’s a sign that you can kiss her. On the other hand, if she’s the one who touches your stomach, that means she wants to kiss you.

6. Sniff
Sniff the body parts where she’s very sensitive and you’re gonna make her wild and hot with desire. For this, you could smell her hair, kiss her chest, and obviously, her pussy.

7. Set the Scene
Just like what I have mentioned earlier, women can get easily distracted. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the ambiance of the room is perfect for any sexual activity.

Warning: Don’t Grope Her Like a Pervert

The above steps will help you turn her on– these are teasing touches. That being said, it’s never advisable to start groping her everywhere during this moment. Instead, touch her softly and gently. Treat her body like something fragile. This will put her arousal into overdrive.

Also, the longer you tease her, the higher the sexual build up will be.

Read the Signs and Act

Lastly, if she’s gazing at you, her pupils slightly dilated and touching your arms, this means she’s up for a hot game. Go for it. Invade her mouth and once the tension arise, don’t hesitate to touch her. Make her feel very sexy and highly aroused.

Don’t rush things and take your time. Like what they often say, the longer the foreplay, the more exciting and gratifying sex can be. So, just enjoy the heat of the moment and have some sexy time with your girl.

Try to follow some of these tips on how to turn a girl on and discover how effective they can be!

Let the Juices Overflow: The Truth Behind Squirting

Can a pussy transform into a “water gun” because of a full-force orgasm? Or it’s nothing, but a porn myth?

If you’re wondering about the same thing, you have come to the right place! Today, we’re going to discuss about one of the most controversial sex issues and answer the question, is squirting real or not?

What Is Squirting Made Of? Is It Pee?

Don’t be naïve. If your woman is a squirter, the liquid that she ejaculates is not pee– even though it looks like one.

To support that, one woman tested this out by eating a lot of asparagus to see if the liquid coming out of her pussy is pee. Later that night, she pleasured herself to the extent of squirting and smelled it after. It doesn’t smell like asparagus at all! Which only implies that it’s not urine after all.

Female ejaculate is made of prostatic fluid, glucose, water, creatine, and very small amount of urea. In simpler terms, we can say that it’s similar to male ejaculate, but very watered down and without the sperm.

The Anatomy of a Squirter

Female ejaculation comes from the “Skene’s gland” that’s better known as the female prostate. This gland is located close to the G-Spot and surrounded by the urethra. That’s why, during intercourse or sexual stimulation, the glands become filled up with fluid, making a woman gush during her orgasm (Read: 3 Secrets on How to Make Your Girl Squirt!).

The Peeing Sensation

Those who have never squirted before will think that the urge to ejaculate is an indication of a bathroom visit. Even though is has the similar sensation for the need to pee, it’s just means they’re close to squirting.

Also, when a woman is very horny, it’s almost impossible for her to pee, but the usual assumption is it’s not pussy juice, but pee. So, she’ll try hard to control this, preventing herself from squirting.

So, for guys out there, if a woman tells you that she needs to pee in the middle of intercourse, try your best to comfort her. Tell her that you wouldn’t mind if she “pee” during sex, because what she’s going to release is not urine, but female ejaculate.

Are All Women Squirters?

All women can squirt, because they have the anatomy that allows this. However, those who think that they can’t squirt, lies on the fact that the strength of the muscles in that area prevents them from ejaculating. It can also be a psychological issue. Women who think that they’re just getting the urge to pee every time they’re close to squirting, will hold back and prevent themselves from releasing the fluid.

Does Squirting Mean Orgasm?

Generally speaking, when women release pussy juice, it can indicate that she’s also cumming. However, there are some women who can squirt without orgasming at all, and it’s often caused by an emotional block. That’s why it’s important to support your girl and make her feel that you’re emotionally available for her so that she can enjoy the sensations of an orgasm while she gushes.

Can There Be a Round 2?

Even though she has already released her pussy juice, this doesn’t mean that everything is done. In fact, she’ll be hornier by now and you can take advantage of that!

Be the Best in Bed with These Kinky Sex Tips

Do you want to experience a mind blowing sex? Something that will make your lover think you’re a sex god? If you’re thinking that the only solution for this is by watching porn (in order to get tips), you have more to know! To help you with that, here are some of the best ways on how you can unleash the sexual beast in you, how to be better in bed, and give your partner a mind-shattering orgasm that she’ll never forget. Buckle up, ’cause this is going to be a long ride.

Tip #1: Don’t Rush: Take Your Time

Don’t treat the ladies like a sports car! They’re more than that– unless your sports car has the ability of making you cum, then that’s a different story. When it comes to foreplay, slow and steady wins the race. If you want to make her pussy drool, don’t rush and do everything sensuously.

Instead of being desperate to get to your destination right away, enjoy her body and “explore” her sexuality instead. Use your hands and lips, but if you want to add extra thrill, try using feather ticklers, blindfolds, or lickable tubes.

Tip #2: It’s a Vagina, Not a GLOVE!

For those who love watching porn, you have probably encountered a scene where a guy masturbates a girl using 3-5 fingers all at once! Sorry to burst your bubble, but the vagina isn’t a glove, and trying to stick as many fingers as you can while fingering a girl will never be enjoyable nor pleasurable for her.

Start the foreplay by lightly stimulating her clit. This will make her fuckhole wet and ready, in no time, your fingers will be welcomed with open legs. Once she’s all sexed up, start by sticking two fingers (preferably the middle and index finger). The rhythm and tempo of penetration should also vary between deep and shallow to fast and slow.

Tip #3: Don’t Treat Her Pussy Like a Hot Soup!

When going down on a girl, there’s something you should know. If she’s horny and in the mood, her pussy isn’t HOT (even though it seems like it). It’s ITCHY! Thus, there’s no need to blow on her vagina, because I wouldn’t really turn her on– especially if you’re blowing too hard.

When it comes to making a girl orgasm, and you want to mix things up during oral sex, pay attention on the clit. Lick slowly and softly. Treat it like it’s made of glass. Likewise, don’t forget to pay some attention on her pussy lips and use your tongue creatively.

Tip #4: Don’t Act Like a Hungry Baby!

Too much sucking can make a woman feel that she’s nursing a child, and the noise you’re going to make is definitely a turn off.

Aside from your mouth, there are a number of things that you use to tease her nipples. For example, you can try rubbing some ice on her nipples to make it hard and sensitive. Some women enjoy warmth though. For this type of women, you can use a warming oil and give her a sensual breast massage. Pinch, flick, and twist her nipples until she starts craving for more. See what works best for your girl.

Tip #8: We Don’t Recommend the Figure of 8 Thrust

Not that this kind of move is bad, it’s just that, almost everyone is doing it! If you really want to give your girl a mind-boggling orgasm, let her hop over your cock and let her take control. She’ll either move in circular motion or up and down. Either way, allow her to enjoy herself until she loses her stamina. Then, be a perverted gentleman– give her a hand by holding her ass to help her move.

Tip #9: You’re Having Sex, Not Answering a Test

Do you know what ruins the mood during sex? Asking a lot of questions! Don’t ask, “Was that right?” “Do you like this?” “Is this fine?” All of these are a no-no. A mid-session feedback is a sure way to turn her off, and maybe stop her from reaching orgasm.

Just watch her body language and take hints from that. If she’s making faces of pain or discomfort, then try to adjust what you’re doing. However, is she’s moaning and pulling you in, then you’re doing everything right!

Tip #10: Is She Ready to Give the Other Hole?

Anal sex may be appealing for some, but not all are in the mood to try this– let alone do it without discussing about it first. Likewise, be a gentleman and don’t just slip your finger in the ‘forbidden’ hole, especially if she’s not asking for it!

If you’re really into anal sex (Read: Anal Sex Best Practices), try to see if she’s into that stuff by asking what she wants in the bedroom. If she’s really into it, take it slow and use lots of lube!

There you have it, these are just some of tips that can help you be a true sex master. Good luck!

3 Musts When Going Down on a Girl

You’re probably thinking that you already have the gift of the tongue. Well, guess again and get your notepad ready as we give you some of the best ways on how to eat pussy like a pro! Presenting, the 3 musts when going down on a girl:

1) If It’s a Dessert, Turn It into a Lagoon

Unlike blow jobs, cunnilingus can never be done as a favor. Doing it when you’re not in the mood will only result to dry heaves. However, if you’ll eat like a pig or a hungry dog, every mistake will be forgiven.

A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. If your fingers graze a dry bush, don’t penetrate! Go back to the hugging and kissing for a couple of minutes.

Note: When it comes to how to finger a girl, make sure that you actually dip the middle finger between the lips. Sometimes, the moisture gets trapped between the pussy lips, and a little finger movement is all you need, to unplug the dam.

Once you’re quite confident that the beaver is sopping wet, a few light teasing strokes are the perfect way to heat up the lady even more. Make sure she’s really begging for it before you get between her legs.

REMINDER: Don’t put your fingers inside the fuck hole yet! This can kill the tease factor. Keep in mind, 78% of the woman’s pleasure is based on her sexual arousal. Poking too soon may put out the fire.

2) Be a Professional Muff Diver

Once she’s completely lathered up, it’s now time to dive! Get your fingers out of the equation, and don’t touch anything. Use your mouth and lips, as you start to kiss her tits and stomach, slowly working your way down. Don’t get carried away by the tits. Even though you love sucking on her nipples, right now is all about her pussy.

Nibble your way up to the right edge of her pussy lips, then skip across the clitoral hood, and head to the other side. Do this a few times until she starts begging for more.

Note: Hover over the bush for a few seconds before doing the first lick. If you’ll wait longer than 5 seconds, she might think you’re having second thoughts because she smells bad.

The Time Has Come!

Your first lick should be super slow if you want her to moan and groan. Do about a dozen of “St. Bernard licks” before you continue.

This is a good time to figure out what kind of clit she has. If it’s sensitive, she’d probably convulse as you graze over it. Congrats! You’re in for an easy ride.

On the other hand, if there’s no reaction when you graze over her love button, she probably has a nerveless little pea clit and you’re going to perform a 30-minute session.

3) Pay Attention to the Love Button

After the slow licks, now is the perfect time to get the party started! For those who are not aware, there are two types of clitoris: the one that enjoys a serious going-over and the ones that are so sensitive. Truth be told, the latter such about as much as a tiny penis, and guys find it impossible to please a girl who has this type.
Even though clits come in different shapes and sizes, they have something in common– all of them want to be treated slow and soft at first. The only way you’ll realize that you should pace up is by reading a woman’s reaction. This is impossible to teach, but we’ll help you as best as we can.

Clit that Craves for a Serious Lapping and Sucking

These clits are the most fun, because you can be creative with them. If you want to know how to make a girl cum like there’s no tomorrow, then pretend that your tongue is the bad cop, and the clit is the guy who murdered your partner. What’s the best way to punish him? Separate him from his friends (the pussy lips) and suck him right up with no mercy.

Don’t forget to keep him erect by creating an airtight vacuum chamber using your mouth, and slap this naughty fellow upside the head using your tongue. If your lady starts freaking out like what you’re doing is too much, go back to being a gentle lapper.

The vacuum technique is a great way to bring her to orgasm, but it can also be a bit too much. That’s why it’s important to mix things up with some circles around the clit and some tongue fucking every now an then.

REMINDER: Even after she cums, continue to suck on her clit and lick her pussy. Remember, the fun isn’t over, until the hands on your head come down to the sides. If your woman is multiorgasmic, you’ll have to keep going until she’s satisfied.

Don’t Turn Her Off! Cunnilingus Mistakes to Avoid

Perhaps you’re thinking that you already know everything that you need to know in the art of oral sex, right? Even so, we’re still going to tell you some of the most common mistakes that men should really avoid when he’s eating his woman out. You don’t want to turn her off, in the middle of the process, right? Read on to see what these mistakes are (Read: Best Way to Eat a Girl Out).

Mistake #1: Using Your Teeth
Believe it or not, some men think that a bit of “tooth action” on the love button can feel good under certain circumstances. The truth is, the only circumstance where you’re allowed to go near her clit with your teeth is if you want her to kill you right away. The teeth don’t, and will never, feel good anywhere the clit. Do yourself a favor and never use your teeth during cunnilingus.

Mistake #2: Diving in the Clitoris and Staying There
A lot of men think that the surest way to turn a woman on is starting at the tip of her love button– the clitoris, since this is where most of the action seems to be. Unfortunately, this is not the way ‘arousal’ often works.

In order to get truly aroused, it’s important for a woman to have a pent-up sexual tension first. Thus, it’s more preferable if you’ll slowly approach the center of interest, rather than hitting it with your tongue right away.

Before making a contact with the vulva, shower it with kisses. You can start by nuzzling, kissing, and licking the lower abdomen, inner thighs, mons pubis, and other areas near the private region.

Mistake #3: Changing the Spot or Speed Right Away
The moment when the women say, “Yesss” or “That’s great!” the usual assumption of men is that it’ll be better if he’ll increase the speed or apply more pressure on the spot. This is a bad idea. Instead, continue following the same rhythm and don’t make any changes in the intensity or speed. Allow the woman to relax. This is where the slow buildup takes place.

Mistake #4: Shaking Your Head
Porn is different from real life, and you can’t mimic the ridiculous oral techniques done there, especially the move where the man jabs his tongue straight into the woman’s hole, and instead of licking and teasing the vagina, shakes his head between the legs.

Mistake #5: Treating the Vagina Like a Balloon
Never try to lock your lips around the vagina hole and blow hardly into it. She’s not a sex doll! If you want to blow, do it lightly and just around the vagina. This can be hot if done correctly. However, blowing air into the hole is something really dangerous and it could even lead to queefing.

Mistake #6: Giving Clit Hickeys
Hickeys are old school. However, for those who want to leave a mark on their lover, this can be done on the bosom, thigh, or neck. Never wrap your lips around the clit and suck it like a lollipop, that it will start to swell badly. This intense suction on the clit will never feel good, but really painful.

Mistake #7: Not Getting Her Feedback
It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, because women are not the same. A new lover means you must learn something new in regard to how she wants to be licked. Even with the same lover, the preferences can also change. She may be in the mood to try something new or “wilder.” As you lick her soft spot, ask her, “Do you want me to lick harder or lighter?”

Mistake #8: Starting and Not Finishing It
Familiar with the saying, “never leave a man behind”? This applies to the ladies too. If you have other plans or you’re just not in the mood to perform oral sex, don’t bother.
Your girlfriend would rather you not start at all rather than leaving her in the middle of the moment only to do your errands or hang out with your buddies. That being said, if you don’t want to finish it, there’s no need to even start.

Now that you’ve read this guide, we hope that you’ll be able to give the best oral sex to your partner. More often than not, women prefer cunnilingus more than regular sex, because the tongue is more versatile and it’s capable of creating a number of sensations unlike the penis.

Tips to Give a Woman an Orgasm

So, you have a girlfriend and you want to sexually please her any way you can. Though, are you aware that she’s capable of experiencing different orgasms? And, if you’re lucky enough, you can even give her multiple orgasms.

Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t even know what an orgasm feels like and some even go without it for years, even if they already have a partner.

Yes, it’s true that it’s hard to satisfy a woman, but it doesn’t mean that is impossible. We’ve collected some of the most effective ways that will increase the chances of giving your girl the kind of orgasm that she needs. Not just that, we’ve also revealed some secrets that will induce multiple orgasms. Read on to find out!

1. The Bedroom Shouldn’t Be Your Starting Point

If you want to increase the chances of making your woman orgasm, try to reflect on these questions: When was the last time you were sweet to her? When was the last time you surprised her with something sweet, such as a bouquet of roses? Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures DO turn a woman on. Why? Well, love and lovemaking are interconnected in a woman’s brain, so these things do have an impact on how she’s going to react during sex. What are you waiting for? You want her to orgasm? Do sweet gestures to her!

2. Relaxation Should Be the Key

It’s hard to achieve orgasm, especially when you’re stressed. If your woman looks a bit stressed, you can give her a quick massage. Rubbing her shoulders, neck, and upper back could melt away the tension.

3. Don’t Focus on Just the Vagina Alone!

If you want to make her cum, better have a longer foreplay session. Kiss her, caress her, and touch her body sensuously. Through this, you’re going to build the sexual tension in her body that the orgasm will really be intense– thanks to the anticipation!

4. Your Woman Should Be Your Top Priority

Focusing all your attention to your girl will help you make love to her more passionately. Just think about it, if you’ve finished first, then you decided to help her come, then you wouldn’t be as excited and passionate anymore.

5. How to Last Longer

It’s a given– in order to make your partner come, it’s important to control yourself and last longer. The best way to make this happen is by penetrating like how you always do, but when it feels like you’re about to come, just move your hips in a circular motion. Wait until the pressure in your penis subsides. Trust us, it works like magic.

6. Stay Away from Lubricants

When a woman is turned on, her vagina produces more than enough juices to keep you going. On the other hand, by using a product substitute, you’re just fooling yourself, and it wouldn’t make sex much enjoyable. Throw those sexual lubricants away and rely on her body. You’ll know if she’s close to orgasm or not.

7. Don’t Be Dependent on the Clitoris

Yes, this is her love button. However, are you aware that once you’ve over-stimulated this little princess, the little thing called the clitoral hood would come out to protect the clitoris? This hood acts as a shield preventing direct stimulation.

You don’t really need to rely on the clitoris alone, there’s the G-Spot! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your hand, tongue, or penis, it all works beautifully.

8. Locate the G-Spot

This area feels like the roof of the mouth and it’s located 2 inches inside the vagina on the top side (Read: Three Powerful Techniques to Finger Her to Climax). There are a number of ways on how you can pleasure this spot, but the most common ones are doing a “come here” motion or a “love” position. This helps in hitting the right spot!

9. Use the Best Position

Not all love positions are the same. The best position to make your woman orgasm is the missionary, but the woman should be on top. This allows the female to climax, because this gives her full control.

10. “Feast” on Her

The most effective way to give your woman a mind-boggling orgasm is through cunnilingus or oral sex (Read: Do You Know How to Eat Pussy? 99.9% of Men Do NOT). In fact, if you’re skilled enough, you can even give her multiple orgasms. Most women prefer this method more than anything else, because it gives them the satisfaction and arousal they’re craving for.

You can do the ABCs with your tongue, ask what she enjoys, or even spell your name on her love spot! Be creative, but don’t forget to be careful. Keep in mind, there are thousands of never endings in the clitoris. Don’t poke your tongue, like you’re having a tongue fight with someone. This could be really painful and it could even ruin the mood.

These are just some of the most practical, yet effective tips that will allow you to make your woman orgasm. Try it and see how it can make your woman desire you even more.

Anal Sex Best Practices: The Secret to a Shrieking Orgasm

Although anal sex is not the first thing to come to mind when talking pleasures, it can be an incredibly hot experience. Men like it because the hole is tighter than normal vaginal sex. However, you need to be warned. Anal sex isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have any desire for it, don’t try it. Do not cave into pressure of doing something that you are not comfortable with. In this article, we tell you the anal sex best practices. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not in regards to anal sex.

First, Prepare Well

• Ensure you are in the mood

You need to be totally cool and relaxed and not like you want to go to the washroom. While booze is not recommended to facilitate calmness before anal sex, try a glass of wine to relax your muscles. Being too tense and uncomfortable will result into the anus being locking down and preventing anybody or anything g from getting in.

• Clean up

Cleanliness factor is among the biggest fear that people harbor when it comes to anal sex. Do not fall for what you normally see in porn. These actors and actresses do a lot of prep work before engaging in anal. Preparation can sometimes be extreme, including avoiding any food at all for a whole day as well as anal douching. Douching is not only safe but also simple. You may choose to buy an anal kit or enema kit.

• Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate

Although the vagina normally self-lubricates, lubrication is a must for anal sex. You might have seen porn stars spit in the butt before roaming the dick home. This is because she could be pre-lubed using a water-based product which means that saliva simply rehydrates it. Thick gel-like lubes tend to produce a cushioning effect that makes them perfect for anal play. Lubrication also paves the way for a great squirting orgasm.

How to Have Great Anal Sex

Sit on top

In case you have worries of your partner being carried away in the course of anal sex and inadvertently hurting you, it might be better to mount your partner and sit on top. This enables you to control the speed and depth of the process, in addition to exposing your clitoris for simultaneous stimulation. In case you feel ambitious, sit on top of him facing him and use a dildo for double penetration.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are sex toys usually inserted into the anus and are great for mainly two reasons. The first thing is that they form a fantastic way of relaxing your muscles and in turn making the anal sex a lot easier. When inserting the butt plug, make sure you use a good amount of lubricant. As opposed to vibrators, these don’t need to be moved in and out though you may want to move the butt plug around some. You may put it in yourself or even ask your partner to help you with it. But plugs are available in all sizes and shapes. In case you have never used butt plug before, try a small one.

Go slowly

You could use small anal toys or your fingers (provided it has flanged base, this will avoid an embarrassing trip to the Emergency Room to have a lost toy retrieved). Allow it to stay there for as long as possible to feel confident and comfortable. In case it appears that today isn’t a good day, you could always try the next day.

Try different positions

While in a seated position, you may want to try slowly lowering yourself onto the dick and moving at your own speed. If you are having doggy position, back up onto the dick. One of the best ways to relax and alleviate anxiety is by being in charge.


Although this might appear counterproductive, bearing down helps relax your muscles, which is why you need to try it. Squeezing or pressing in tightens your muscles, and when you bear down, the muscles ease. If you happen to be almost there but not quite, try pushing against the object going in your bottom.

Use gloves

The role of gloves is to not only prevent discomfort but also the scratching from the raggedy fingernails and at the same time offer a smooth surface which works perfectly with lube. Do not use oil-based lubes with latex gloves because oil tends to degrade the glove. Another thing is that gloves makes cleanup to be simple as all you need to do is to take them off and toss them. You need to be particularly careful to avoid using oil-based lubricants for anal sex. This is because they appear to be thin and may drip into vagina and set anal bacteria to the wrong place.

Never allow your male partner to go from your anus to your vagina

The one thing you must avoid is letting your partner switch from anal right to vaginal sex without the use of a condom. This is important to prevent infection. It is also important that the object that just emerged from your butt is washed after the condom has been removed from it. After that, you can now insert it into the vagina.

What Risks are Involved in Anal Sex?

Any type of sex that you engage in must be safe. Whether it is oral, vaginal or anal sex, you need to ensure that you engage in protected sex. It is very easy to pass on STDs by means of anal sex. But generally anal sex is safe especially if you practice safe as well as protected sex.

The two most critical safety tips as far as safe anal sex is concerned are using lots of water-based lubes and making use of a condom. Using a condom also helps the anal sex experience feel smooth. It also reduces the risk of contracting an STD. However, take care not to use scented flavored condoms as they can easily cause an allergy.


If you find that the idea of having a cock in your anus turns you on, give it a go. Just get the lube, butt plug and douche ready, get excited, experiment different positions and enjoy. For many men and women, back door sex is greatly pleasurable.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Masturbating A Girl

Knowing how to masturbate a girl is an important skill for a sex stud. Sex is more than just kissing, touching, and penetrating a woman. Going down on a girl and licking her pussy is one of the fastest ways of making her squirt with pleasure. In fact, most women find it easier to get an orgasm through oral sex, rather than penetration.

Despite the importance of masturbating a girl, very many men have never learned how to do it like a pro. Most women will not give a tutorial unless coaxed into doing so. A lot of men are therefore left to wander around the pussy, trying one trick after the other in the hope of getting earth shattering reactions.

This post will delve into the important dos and don’ts of masturbating a girl. This will make it easier for you to make a girl shudder with orgasms time and again. It will also help you avoid pitfalls down below, which can totally wreck the experience for your girl.

Do’s When Masturbating a Girl

Make her comfortable

If she is uncomfortable, no amount of pussy blowing will produce any results. A girl takes much longer to orgasm, or never at all, when cold, hungry, or distracted. Women are also very sensitive about the taste, odor, and appearance of their genitalia. 

Talking to her and reassuring her will make your work much easier, once you go below deck. Keep her warm, reassured, and feeling wanted, and her orgasms will be at your beck and call.

Be attentive

This is the most important of all dos and don’ts of masturbating a girl. All girls are different, so what works with one may not be that much of a draw for another. The one thing you have going for you is paying attention to her reactions.

Every pressure, lick, suck, or touch, will elicit a reaction, or not. Paying attention will help you vary and switch techniques till you get the desired outcome. A girl will press against you when she wants more pressure, or pull away when she wants you to go easy on her. 

She may also moan with pleasure, or scream in anguish. Knowing how to recognize and respond to her reactions will turn you into a veritable sex guru in no time. 

Be patient

A girl’s orgasm can be hard to nail down. Although men orgasm almost at will, women need much more patience and perseverance to get there. Going down on a woman requires well directed finesse for much longer periods.

A lot of girls give up and fake it when they take too long to orgasm, knowing your jaws are killing you. Letting her know you are in no hurry makes her relax and come faster. If you are in a hurry, this is not the thing for you.

Focus on the hot spots

A woman’s vagina can be a maze for the inexperienced. Masturbating a girl can turn out to be an exercise in futility if you waste your energy on the wrong spots. The most important part is the clitoris. This is the queen of the castle, and all attention and respect must be paid to her. The clitoris is the most erogenous part of a woman, so putting all your efforts on it will pay handsome dividends. 

Another important spot is the G-Spot. This is a penny size spot on the roof of her vagina, which can be reached by inserting a finger into her. The G-spot is the source of intense pleasure that can make a girl squirt to high heaven.

Get handy

It is easy to forget to use your hands when masturbating a girl. Licking and sucking needs concentration, and men are never adept at multitasking. However, this is one skill that can turn a simple oral job into a massively pleasurable climax.

Reach up and caress her breasts, butt, thighs, and tummy as you eat her pussy. This heightens arousal, making her come faster, deeper, and longer. 

You should also use your fingers to finger fuck her while licking her pussy. Some girls may opt out of this treatment, so watch for her reaction. Use one or two fingers, and stimulate her G spot to enhance arousal. 

Don’ts When Masturbating a Girl

Do not change rhythm 

Steady wins the race. A constant and focused rhythm is the only way to give a girl an orgasm. This is especially important once she begins the build up to the orgasm. Changing your speed and rhythm at the wrong moment will immediately drag you back to zero. Starting the whole buildup again may be too tiresome for her, or your tongue.

Once you figure what amount of pressure and pace gives her the best sensation, stick to it till the end. Do not try anything new once you sense she is about to explode. 

Avoid her butt hole

Nothing kills the moment before orgasm like jamming a finger up her ass. This will definitely not enhance pleasure. Most women find it uncomfortable, distracting, and even downright painful. Unless she expressly tells you to do it, restrict this maneuver within the realms of your fantasies.

Do not look up

If you need to know how she is doing, simply listen and follow her reactions. Do not peep over her belly button to catch a glimpse of her face. Making eye contact at this time makes women uncomfortable. Keep your eyes glued to her pussy, and let her do the looking. 

Don’t make a face

The odor or taste of a pussy can take you by surprise if you are not used to it. Keep your face expressionless if you cannot act like you just tasted the sweetest candy. She will be watching you very closely for signs that her pussy tastes or smells bad. Any show of distaste and your game is up forever. She will never let you back there again no matter what. 

Skip the rough act

It is very important to be gentle especially at the beginning. Increase pressure and pace as she responds, without being overly pushy or aggressive. Getting her to orgasm is like coaxing a rabbit out of a hole. Avoid rough finger fucking, biting, or scratching. You want her focused on pleasure, not on your macho act.

Above all, remember this is all a fun and pleasurable activity. Be playful and enjoy it as much as you can. It will make her relax and orgasm faster, if she knows you love doing it too. Once she explodes into a shuddering climax, you will have free reign over her booty for good.

Do You Have What It Takes to Bring a Girl to Orgasm?

Male orgasms are a given, and failure to have one is considered an anomaly. The female version of this earth shattering moment is notoriously difficult to achieve. In fact, many women think it does not exist, or blame the problem on their bodies. That’s why the fake female orgasm is legend. Lots of men give up trying to give a woman a real orgasm after fruitless pursuits. Most women are forced to unhappily oblige with hilariously fake screams and moans.

Giving a woman a thundering orgasm has been the preserve of the rare sex stud. This is an almost mythical sex god that women crave for. A man who knows how to make a girl cum can pretty much lay any woman. She will gladly let him get away with murder if it brings one more orgasm.

Every man can learn how to make a girl orgasm. We can now reveal the tricks and secrets of the female orgasm, and the ever mystical female ejaculation. We will further disclose how any man can make a woman a girl orgasm, through penetration and oral techniques.

Before the Foreplay

Contrary to popular belief, sex does not start with foreplay. The moment you give a woman a lusty look, she quickly tries to figure out how good you are in bed. A woman is very curious, and doesn’t want to waste time getting laid by a man who doesn’t know his way around her booty.

Hours before you get her into the sack, you need to work on this curiosity, and make her want to take it further. A great way to do this is by using eye to eye seduction, delicate touches, and sexy complements. Tell outright her how much you want her. If she playfully asks how, tell her in detail what you want to do to her. If she is still curious, you are halfway up her thighs already.

This sets the stage for an erotic bedroom encounter later on. Women love to feel wanted, loved, admired, and craved for, even when they pretend not to. A woman will get surprised when you rip her clothes off in the evening, after showing zilch sexual interest the whole day. Turning her on will take much longer as a result. And that orgasm may never come.

Make the Mood Right

A bad atmosphere can ruin the best sex. The key is to get her as comfortable as possible. Let her wear socks if it is chilly, or if you cannot turn on the heater. Dim the lights, put on a slow ballad, and give her a delicious dinner.

Keep your place spotlessly clean, especially the sheets. A glass or two of red wine works like magic. It makes her relax, lose inhibition, and feel more comfortable. Showing you care about her comfort opens her up to you.

Women are extremely sensitive about their bodies, no matter how hot they are. Generous complements will make her relax, and ditch these hang ups. The better she feels about herself, the easier it will be for you to hit those coveted home runs.

Sexy, romantic foreplay is absolute must. A woman is like a wood stove. It takes a while to get the heat going. Once it does, she can burn the whole place down.

Make a Girl Cum with Your Hands and Mouth

This is the easiest way to make her cum. The clitoris is the female equivalent of the dick head. In fact, it is packed with double the concentration of nerve endings. This makes it the most sensitive human body part on the planet.

Penetrative sex unfortunately does not do much to stimulate this spot. Using your hands and mouth can be the best thing a man can ever learn to do. Even the worst guy in bed can instantly transform into a stud if he masters mouth and hand techniques.

The mouth is a sexual instrument that can match any toy on the market when used correctly. Kissing, licking, sucking, and tonguing are extremely enjoyable. Another advantage is that the mouth is warm, wet, and smooth, which does not irritate sensitive areas like nipples, clitoris, or labia.

To make her cum, kiss the outside of her vagina, especially both the inner and outer lips. Once she is pushing against your mouth, gently lick the clitoris, paying attention to the sides. The 10 and 2 o’clock positions on the sides of the clit are not painfully sensitive as the front. They also deliver really deep sensations.

Use your hands simultaneously to caress her nipples, thighs, waist, and pretty much everywhere you can reach. This increases the arousal level.

The trick is not to change tactics too often. Use a combination of licking and sucking. See which one she responds to best and try stick with it. The hardest part is staying with a steady rhythm. This is a lot like hand action on a dick. Steady wins the race.

In no time, she will start breathing heavily, then tense for a few seconds, before exploding in a shuddering climax. These are the famous clitoral orgasms.

Another technique you ought to do is try fingering her twat while also licking her. This stimulates her even further, and gives her stronger orgasms. Some women may not prefer this. Try sliding one wet finger slowly into her. If she draws away, abandon the move. Any pulling back or pushing you away means she either does not like what you are doing, or she has had enough. It therefore pays to stay focused on her body language.

Squirting Secrets

This is the female ejaculation. Women too can produce a different type of ejaculate from glands in the vagina. The amount produced will vary from one woman to another.

The key to making a woman squirt is stimulating her G-Spot. This is the sensitive area on the roof of the vagina, which feels rough to the touch. It is about the size of a penny, and feels like the skin of a kiwi fruit.

You can reach this area by inserting a finger inside her, and with your palm facing upwards, make a ‘come here’ motion with the inserted finger. You should feel the spot this way. It is an area with extremely sensitive nerve ending.

Rub this area with your finger, while moving it in a thrusting motion. She will in soon erupt in a G-Spot orgasm that will make a girl squirt to high heaven!

Is It Possible to Make a Girl Orgasm Through Penetration Alone?

Penetration can be used to give a woman any kind of orgasm. This is where the ‘how you use it, is what matters’ mantra comes into play.

To give a woman a vaginal orgasm involves the right kind of penetrative technique. Every woman has her favorite position exactly for this reason. If she fancies a particular style, by all means stick with it. Trust me, she knows best.

Vaginal orgasms occur through stimulation of the vaginal wall. Keep her pussy tight by placing your hand underneath her butt when in the missionary position. This makes your penis rub every inch on her vaginal wall for maximum stimulation.

By pulling her butt upwards, it also allows you to thrust deeper, and reach sensitive nerve endings near her cervical opening. Be careful though, hitting the cervix is usually painful for most women. This is why the doggy position makes women scream with pain, or pleasure!

You can also penetrate her from behind while she is lying flat on her tummy. This is the best position for men with smaller penises, since it gives the tightest and deepest penetration. It also allows the penis to reach and stimulate her G-Spot, for amazing G-Spot orgasms. This is a must use position for any man who wants to totally fuck the brains off a woman.

The CAT Position

This is a simple way of stimulating her clitoris in the missionary position. Lie on top of her, with your legs on the outside of hers. Penetrate her, and then with her legs together, move your body slightly forwards onto her tummy.

Thrust slowly and then build the rhythm as she gets more aroused. Your penis will rub against her clitoris. This will give her an earth shattering clitoral orgasm, with the added benefit of vaginal stimulation. This is the easiest way to give her an orgasm through penetration.

Mastering these simple techniques will turn you into that man every woman rushes to croon to her friends about. All it takes is making one girl cum, and your confidence level will go through the roof.

Revealed: Lick Pussy Like A Sex God

Most men can fuck, but eating pussy is the mark of a real sex god. Women absolutely love oral sex for its immense pleasure, and guaranteed orgasms. You can bang a pussy for hours and make her sore, without giving her a single orgasm. Eat pussy properly and voila! She will tremble with orgasms like a leaf in a storm. A dick is impressive, but knowing how to lick pussy makes a woman feel special, wanted, and appreciated. Combine great cunnilingus with a good fuck, and watch any woman turn into your sex slave. For good.

The Flower

The most sensitive parts of the pussy are the ones staring you right in the face, begging for attention. These include the outer lips, or labia, which close around the pussy like petals on a flower. Spread these apart and you expose the smaller, inner lips, which meet at the top of the pussy. Here, they form a fold of skin like a hood, which sheathes the clitoris. This is the most sensitive body part in the entire universe. Master how to work this little angel and behold, you have the keys to paradise.

The Foreplay

How to go down on a girl involves great foreplay. Slow, teasing, and passionate foreplay. The pussy is sensitive and dry when not stimulated. Giving her great foreplay increases blood flow into the vagina, and makes it wet and swollen with desire. Kiss and caress her slowly, to get her into the mood. Pay attention to her erogenous zones. These sensitive areas include the neck, thighs, butt, breasts, and nipples. Take your time and enjoy the feel of her body in your arms. Women can sense when you rush foreplay, and get turned off.

How to Go Down on a Girl

Once you are certain she is well aroused, slowly kiss your way towards her pussy. Do not go straight down. You do not want to be obvious and predictable. Kiss her belly softly, and trace your tongue down to her waist. Move back and forth between the edge of her pubic area and her belly button. This is a teasing game, and she will love it if you play it out. Caress her all over with your hands, stroking especially her breasts and nipples.

Approach her pussy by kissing upwards from her knees along the inside of her thighs. Once you reach the pussy, brush lightly across her pubic area and cross to the other thigh, kissing downwards again to the other knee. Repeat this a few times. The inside of the thigh is very sensitive, and kissing it creates lovely sensations. Tease her with your tongue when you get near the vagina, especially in the crook between the pussy and the thighs. She will be so aroused that she will lift herself towards your mouth. She is now ready for you to eat vagina.

How to Lick Vagina

Eating pussy requires focus and enjoyment. If your mind wanders even briefly, it will change your oral and put her off. So enjoy it. Pause for a few seconds to take in the scent of her pussy. Tell her how beautiful her pussy is. You will need two main techniques- licking and sucking. Run your tongue slowly from the bottom of the vagina to the top, repeating a few times. Part the lips, and then slowly tease your tongue around the opening of the vagina. Appreciate the taste of her juices, and let her know. Women are sensitive about the scent and taste of the vagina, and this can complicate an orgasm.

Lick the inside of the labia, moving upwards to the hood above the clit. Do not touch the clit just yet. It is very sensitive, so wait till it swells and peeks from the hood. Take the labia into your mouth, and suck them gently. Use the down to up motion, moving your tongue from the bottom of the vagina to the base of the clit. Use the tip of the tongue to create a tingling, teasing sensation. This will arouse her, until she lifts her hips into your face for more.

Lick the Clitoris

This is where you need to get your technique right. The clit is very sensitive, though this varies from one woman to another. You can tell how sensitive she is from her reaction. If she presses against you, it means she wants you to suck harder and faster. If she moves back, the clit is too sensitive and requires gentle licking. For sensitive clits, do not touch the tip. Lick and suck the fold of skin around it instead. Take it into your mouth and suck while gently licking with your tongue. It takes a while to get used to this double action, but it is easy once you figure it out. Keep your jaw relaxed, otherwise you will cramp and give up. Start slow, building up speed as she gets more aroused.

For clits that are less sensitive, part the fold of skin to expose the tip. Lick it gently until she presses against you. This means she wants more. Lick harder, and increase your speed. Do not go too fast, or you will tire long before she climaxes. The trick is to use a rhythm you can sustain for a while. It is better to eat vagina by either licking or sucking, to avoid breaking your rhythm.

Here Comes!

You will definitely not fail to see the orgasm coming. She will grab your head and press against you, demanding more. She will grow tense, and scream beautifully as she explodes into a trembling orgasm. Keep going and do not stop till her hands push you away. Some women keep coming several times, so make her pussy squirt by continuously licking it.

Finger Her

Fingering her pussy as you lick vagina is very arousing for women. Gently caress the entrance of the vagina and inside of the labia. These areas are full of sensitive nerves, so stroking them with your fingers will enhance the pleasure. Insert two fingers slowly into the vagina, and use a “come here” motion to reach and stimulate her G-Spot. If she likes it, give her a finger fuck as you lick vagina.


After you eat pussy, hold her for a while, kissing and caressing while she recovers. Do not penetrate her immediately. The vagina is very sensitive at this point. This is a great time to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She is emotionally vulnerable at this moment, and anything you say will stick to her heart. Give her a moment, then whip out that cock and fuck her to pieces. Start slowly, and then build up the intensity and speed. Since she has already climaxed, the pressure will be off, so you can enjoy yourself totally.

The most important thing is to learn to read her reactions when you eat pussy. This becomes easy with practice. Furthermore, learn to keep breathing while licking. This will stop you from stopping for a breather, which will set you back several minutes. Once you master how to lick pussy, women will be falling over themselves to spread thighs for you.